Storing potatoes

How should potatoes be stored?

  • Store potatoes in a well ventilated cool dark place.
  • Do not put them in the fridge as the flavour changes will be noticeable.
  • Always remove from plastic packaging and store in a heavy paper bag or cardboard box in the bottom of your pantry.
  • Handle carefully as even though potatoes look tough they bruise easily.

What causes greening?

  • When potatoes are exposed to light they can develop a green colour resulting in chlorophyll formation in the surface layers. Associated with this is the formation of a toxic alkaloid, solanine.
  • The amount of green pigment depends on the intensity of the light, length of exposure and age of potato.
  • New potatoes are particularly susceptible to greening.
  • If potatoes are purchased with a lot of greening return them to the retailer.
  • If there are very small amounts of greening, the green can be cut off and the potato used normally.
  • Some varieties have quite a yellow flesh so don’t confuse this with greening.