Interesting Links

Consumer sites  – an excellent site if you want to discover more about the role of potatoes in feeding the worlds population. This site was established to celebrate the United Nations’ International Year of the Potato. – blogs about potatoes – USA – good source for potato recipes – UK – good source for potato recipes – UK – potato history, geography and other fun stuff – good source of potato recipes – USA – the United States Potato Board (USPB) consumer website – the United States Potato Board (USPB) consumer website, gluten-free page, with gluten-free recipes and downloads – website with information about gluten-free diets and ways to ensure potato recipes remain gluten-free

Industry websites – New Zealand potato industry news and information – Idaho potato industry – USA – UK potato industry – for everything you need to know about fresh New Zealand grown vegetables – from recipes to nutrition, resources to seasonal availability – it is here in one place – for tips and help to encourage you to eat five or more servings of fresh vegetables every day