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Inspire children to bake a potato

A practical guide to baking potatoes – how to impart skills and foster personal responsibility.

Our vision

Potatoes.co.nz has a vision that every New Zealand child will have the skill to bake a potato.

We believe if ‘a child can bake a potato – they can make a meal.

This programme is based on the philosophy that ‘if you give a man a fish, you feed him for lunch. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.’  By teaching a child to bake a potato, they will have a skill to feed themselves for their lifetime.

This is a practical and achievable way to encourage simple, healthy food choices and for children to know that ‘a full tummy is only one potato away’.

With your support we can make a difference.

Keep it simple

The purpose of this strategy is to take a potato and turn it into a complete meal with maximum taste and nutrition with a minimum of fuss and expense. We want to give children a positive potato experience that will motivate and inspire them to bake a potato often.

This strategy is a fantastic opportunity to establish good eating habits by encouraging the consumption of a food which is:

  • easy to prepare
  • nutritious
  • readily available
  • economically attainable
  • popular and tasty
  • locally grown
  • environmentally sustainable
  • an integral part of our culture

Get support

Involve grandparents, older neighbours or friends of the children, many of whom may have time to support the children. You may be surprised with their enthusiasm and passion. Older adults were bought up on potatoes and it is a very tangible and positive thing that they can do with these children. Potatoes.co.nz has great resources to inspire them. We want to keep the Kiwi potato eating tradition alive because it brings so many benefits to all.

Look for helpful resources in our Resources section.

Resources in Maori and Samoan

Some of our free resources are available in English, Maori and Samoan. Look for them in our Resources section.

The take home messages

  • ‘I can bake a potato, so I can make a meal.’
  • ‘When I am hungry I can bake a potato and fill my tummy.’
  • ‘I know potatoes taste fantastic.’
  • ‘Potatoes are great for me because they have lots of fibre, vitamin C and they give me energy without fat. They will fill me up.’
  • ‘Potatoes are good for the planet – they are really efficient plants and use much less water than other crops.’
  • ‘Potatoes give me more nutrition per unit of land, water and money than any other major staple crop.’