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Growing potatoes in a bucket

You can grow your own potatoes in a bucket – they will take around 60-70 days and then they will be ready to be harvested.

Growing your potato

Plants need light, water, food, space, air and the correct temperature to grow really well.

Plants need light to grow, so put the potato plant somewhere in the light.

Potatoes need water to grow, but don’t water it too much or the potato will go mouldy. The soil should be damp so water every 3-4 days.

Potatoes need food to grow and this comes from the nutrients in the soil. Compost should contain everything your potato needs. If extra potato food is added make sure to read the instructions carefully.

The ideal temperature for growing potatoes is 10-15°C.

The more room the plant has the better so even though these instructions are for growing potatoes in a bucket, potatoes planted in the garden will give better results.

Note: Do not eat any of the growing potato plant – only the potatoes can be eaten.

Planting instructions

Growing potatoes in a bucket - Spudtacular

You will need:

  • a bucket
  • 1 seed potato
  • compost or soil

Make sure your seed potato is starting to sprout before planting. If there are no sprouts the potato may take ages to start to grow so place it on a windowsill until you see the sprouts coming through.

Make a drainage hole in the bottom of a bucket; an adult should do this. It can be done using a hammer and nail.

Place enough fresh dry topsoil in the bucket so it is about one third full.

Push in one seed potato per bucket and make sure it is covered with 1 cm soil.

Water the soil so it is damp; you will need about one cup of water. The soil should only be damp, not wet. The potato does not need much water until the top is growing.

Place the bucket in a warm and sunny spot. The plants will need sunshine, this can be indoors beside a window or outdoors. The plant will respond well to being outside in the sunshine but if you are growing them over winter they must come in at night to be protected from frosts. It is essential that the plant is not frosted.

Once the shoots appear keep the soil damp but not wet. If it does get over-watered put it in the sun without extra water until it is back to being damp. Over-watering will slow growth.

Once the tops start to die off the potatoes are ready to harvest. This will take around 60-70 days.